Friday, August 26, 2011

work work work !!!

ok sry reader,
sry for letting my blog die-ing 
bz with all my assignment = =
n ppl having raya holiday n i have to started to due with my assignment 
becoz 8 assignment is waiting for me 
so no holiday for design student at all exp sem break
i guess no break for me too T.T
so upload some of my assignment pic 
yes this is the damn architectural lettering.
n i wrote until like shit - -
n one of my classmate did it like copy paste
should take a pic n let all of you see.
when i saw his work i was like....hmmmm
my wan really look like shit.
n one things that make me sad is out of 10 i only get 6
y y y?
so have to improve
try to get damn 8 mark for next assignment

my boi took this pic when i was fight with my assignment 

ok that all from me. hope that you guys can enjoy it Xp
for malay friend happy raya
non malay happy holiday :)

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