Tuesday, August 9, 2011

nail sticker tutorial

2day will like to do a tutorial for nail sticker 
 brought a pack of nail sticker it cost you like RM5 ? 
not so sure didnt buy be4 yet.
so now i will teach you how to use a correction sticker to function like a nail sticker.
correction sticker
nail polish 

is ok to use a used correction sticker
because it didnt affect anything
and it kinda recycle 

 this is my correction sticker 
kinda white hard to see it, so i circle it
* is tat call circle = = hmmmm

next draw what ever shape you wan with pen or pencil

after that, cut it out. or you may cut it into half.
saver :)

stick it at your nail. Now you can polish what ever color you want to your nail.
make sure that when you stick the sticker
remember do not left any hole on it. 
& after polish wait for sever min to let it dry it will make the surface nicer :)


hope all of you enjoy it 
is time to do  my research 
hope all of you have a nice day 

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