Monday, August 8, 2011

interior design

hi peeps !
hmmm i brought all my tool for making me to become more
professional * with a big smile
just kidding 
u guess how much it cost me?
180.90 must be ringgit Malaysia la
& 2 more things have to buy it
it also cost me like a boom = = 

so do some introduce of my tool 

it is the L shape rule 
* can imaging how long it is - -

the bag that easy for us to keep our stuff. 
it rm 50 and damn heavy 

rm5 for this 3B drawing paper

scale ruler

i not really know what is this 
but it is adjuster set square

all type of pencil mask tape n dono what tat call

so that all for my tools
next time i will upload some of my work.
OR my role play = =
have to act one of the Greece story
so stay tune :)

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