Saturday, November 26, 2011

eyemazing & diamond lash review

yes! win those lashes at pearl & kelly giveaway :)

review for the top pair 1st :)

and diamond lash top pair too

upper lash

lower lash

look abit same = =||| cnt see much different 

yes pica time 

yes it is!
this is the easiest lash that i ever wear :)

it look good!
and i love diamond lower lash 
actually i didnt wear lower lash all the time
because not really know how to wear it and it look kinda odd to me
*maybe my eye problem*
have to learn from kelly or emy ady >.< hmmmmm
should ask them to do a *how to apply lower lash tutorial*

not that sure how much for eyemazing coz i get it for free 
*with hapy face*
but for diamond lash you can get it at online store for RM60 

where can get those lashes?
sasa maybe???
or you can check it out at online store :)

that is all from 2day 

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