Sunday, November 6, 2011


yes i do like puppy so much :)
since i cant effort it and take care of it 
decide not to buy until i get my own house and work~
some time when you not happy mayb puppy will cheer you up 
n i wish i have it now 
miss my friend puppy so much now
XIAO BB where are u i need you T.T
this post is more about personal 
those day i getting emo and emo
yes! argue with boy friend...
1st time i feel sad for so many days 
always my mood will getting well at the second days but i didnt for this time
maybe it too hurt, maybe it too sudden or maybe...
and i even cry inside the bus.. 
every time when we argue i w2ill be the one who said sry
not admit it am wrong *something am really did wrong*
but i jz dont wan to hurt anyone else 
i love u, i need u
but this time i didnt. i didnt even reply ur msg coz am dono how should i reply n nth i can reply
mayb your ex changed u to become like this 
how i wish i met you be4 ur ex...
everything happen with a reason same as mine too, i just want to talk nicely to u end up it will become like this
*u didnt admit it, started to fight back, *same as me* end up am cry am said sry, you dont wanna forgive me, 
 last nth changes* sometime i am the one who did wrong i admit it. after arguing i will started to think back, ok this time am really did wrong, but this wont happen to you. You always think that you are the correct one. know why my mood always get up and down is because sometime i really want you to care me more not shooting me or any thing else. Maybe you not that romantic person i guess, or maybe am too care about you. see-ing other couple change because of each other am so happy and envy about them. yes maybe am a burden to you but already started to give up. And your word hurt me a lot. 
dont worry i dont need it... 


  1. Hi, it is normal that raining days will come sometime and then comes the sun after that. Don't be sad.Pls do read my story.

  2. cheer up girl :) everything will be fine. give urself a break n give him some spaces as well. if u think it is worth to wait for him , then wait for him. if it is not, then juz let it go. <3

  3. thanks most desirable :)
    vivi i dono i should let him go or wat...
    i miss him n he seem like enjoying
    keeping myself bz to make me forgot everything but cnt make it~