Wednesday, November 16, 2011

D.I.Y hair colour review

yes am quit bz with my assignment recently and going having my 1st exam. 
A bit nervous la but still can handle with it.
back to topic this is my very very ugly picture showing u that my hair colour
is so so so so ugly actually u cnt see the colour in the picture exp the lower part.
coz i blondes before so you know la what will happen after blondes.

so decided to dye my hair again
where i brought this?
from IOI puchong one shop*forget the name*
and i choose it by my own :)
curious about the green little package rite?
hehe that one is for blonde coz am so so so lazy blonde it, make it easy 
mix all together 
*dono izzit okie or not*

the power is from the green little package package
and yes i choose dark blonde gold copper 6-57

the result of the colour

different lighting show u different colour
and i love this colour so so so damn much
it make me look whiten that before and abit look like korean 
* sry if am not hahaha from my opinion la*
any where it cause my hair a bit dry but overall it still look healthy :)
so hope you enjoy this post
will update as soon as i can!
wish me luck reader~


  1. I have not heard of this brand before but sure turned out good on you.

  2. i brought from a shop that supply all the hair stuff. so properly i saw this brand on saloon before.somethings like that :) thanks anywhere <3