Tuesday, July 10, 2012


here my update reader :3
is about a brand call MURUA
if you heard liz lisa before i think you will know about this brand 
*i think*
here are some picture about it 

what you feel about it?
i love this brand is becoz it wont let you feel over dresses, a bit mature 
and yet it still got the cute feeling 

FB page
 web page

hope you love it :3
have a nice days 


  1. Its new to me and thanks for the infor. Heading on now to their fb page to check further on what will be interesting for me.

  2. This brand is so cool but I think I 'm not in this style >3< I prefer girly style :p

  3. I've heard of Liz Lisa but not this brand ^^
    Looks very funky and stylish ^^