Saturday, July 21, 2012

what i use for my hair?

seem a lot of people love my health hair and ask for what i use
*actually not that healthy also*
here is what i use to prevent getting my hair damage 



-hair treatment also but use it after hair dry 

- hair lotion
*use it before perm * 

this is all i use, actually i didnt perm much,
i perm only when i date with friend.
if you know me well you will know that one month not even once i hanging out with friend :P
so normally i wont perm
*such a lazy dum*
if i do really perm it 
i will use hair treatment once i reach home.
i didnt have any picture of me when i was 13 or 14, my hair is so damn freaking dry and curl
i mean natural curl on bottom  
you really can see big different on it
after i did my 1st time permanent hair straighten 
i started use hair treatment frequently 
i mean before and after wash 
until now i did this too 
 so wish to have health and smooth hair?
do treatment frequently, less perm,less dye and right shampoo :3
here are some pic of me and my heatlh hair >.<

wish all of you like this post :3


  1. I am using the first two products and I will always look out for new ones too. You are looking good as usual Ms.

  2. Lol we use the same shampoo and treatment. But lately I've really been loving DOVE products as well. I switch them up sometimes so my hair doesn't get too used to one product :)


    1. actually i switch everytime when i fin my shampoo :3

  3. nice treatment product,i love how health your hair are...^_^V

    1. haha actually my hair not health also :3

  4. You look like a doll :)

    xox, c

  5. pantene and sunsilk are both good brands, ive tried them before, sunsilk smells great. your hair is so pretty <3 i love the color too :3

  6. Hi sweetie, you look so beautiful in this pictures I think ;) HiHi
    I really hope you'll like my blog ^^
    Kisses ♥

    ( ^^
    You can follow me on Bloglovin, I can follow you too if you want!! ;) HiHi

    1. hehe will follow you blog :3 follow me if you wan :3