Friday, July 27, 2012

Strawberry mini goodnight mask review

sry for lag of updated recently >.<
bz with my assignment 
today i will like to review about strawberry mini goodnight mask 

whitening & moisturising you skin

colourless like picture below

apply to you face
*pls ignore my ugly face T.T

What i like?
- the strawberry smell, it make me wanna eat the mask 
- it really can cool down & moisturising your skin very well
-It kind of cheap though like RM 2++ if not mistaken

What i dislike?
-Have to buy at online store = =
- Have to wask off with face wash after you apply it

that all from me hope all of you like it
and have a nice day :3  


  1. I never buy anything online but if the have the same stores, I will try out one for myself because I quite like the smell of strawberries.