Tuesday, August 14, 2012


sry reader so long didnt update my blog :(
super busy with my assignment 
and yes bad new i have to redo all my assignment again @.@
imaging 11 drawing that i have done and almost finish 
and now i have to redo *fml*
okie back to topic 
cup-bon is a place that sell drinks 
they got like bubble milk tea, ice blander and so on 

my drinks :3
chocolate ice blander bubble tea 
the chocolate super nice but but but nt that like the bubble 
like not that soft enuf 

feel like try it out?
you can have a look at Jusco midvalley 
will do a review soon :3


  1. yummy *o* I want t try it as well

  2. This looks pretty delicious! : D

    1. yeah but prefer starbuck green tea :3

  3. I have not heard of this place before Ms but in Subang Jaya, there too many of bubble tea outlets and what my students told me is that Chatime and Gongcha are among the best. I tried Chatime once and not too bad the taste. For Gongcha, I have to walk a bit further so its on my waiting list.

    I am so busy marking assignments and what a headache I must say trying to give marks.

    1. yeah i know that subang have super lot of bubble tea, yeah but i prefer gongcha

  4. not bad eh :D i like tea, no matter which brand XD

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