Tuesday, August 28, 2012

lucido-L hair treatment essence review

my blog are so dead recently 
due to my laziness and moody 
okie back to topic here is my review of the day 
lucido-L hair treatment essence

Contain two types of hyaluronic acid-penetrating and coating type.
・Low polymer hyaluronic acid penetrates deep into hair and traps moisture.
・High polymer hyaluronic acid coats surface of hair to form a smooth texture and seal in moisture.
・Repairs damaged hair and conditions it into a moist and smooth.

the colour?

how to apply?-Apply after shampooing and towel-drying.
-Focus on damaged or dry sections (about 2 pushes on dispenser for semi-long hair);blow dry afterwards.

bought at?

RM25.42 after discount

what i like?
- kind of like the smell, smell great.
- after apply my hair turn out kind of smooth.
- not that expansive.
- will not become oily.

what i dislike?

9/10 super love this product and i will continue to buy it :3

*some pic of mine

hope all of you love it
have a nice day everyone ~


  1. My hair needs this product to tame down my frizzy and dry hair.

  2. sounds great, i want to try :D your hair looks pretty <3