Thursday, August 2, 2012

hair tutorial

hair tutorial time :3

-apply aqua lotion to prevent your hair become damage after perm it 

- perm you hair with what ever curl you wan 

- if you wan perm you front hair too

- this is what you need HAIR CLIP

- apply hair spray on the part that you have perm 

- get some hair from you left and braid it 

- bring the braid to the right and pin it behind your ear 

- if your hair less like me use hair accessories to hide it

that all hope all of you like it 
:3 sry fr my broken eng 
have a nice day everyone :3


  1. Wow *^* I'm so going to try this out!♥
    Did you ever think of doing a makeup tutorial? your makeup is so gorgeous so I'd love to see how you do it *^*~~~♥

    1. hmmm abit scare about makeup tutorial :3 thanks kei kei <3

  2. Very cute hair style!

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  3. Nice hairstyle but I guess my hair is way too short for that. :S

  4. Pretty! :)
    I love how you did the fringe, must learn from you~~

    1. hehe soon will do a tutorial about that :3

  5. I tried curling my hair and in fact I have the Vidal Sassoon set but nothing came out, only disaster. Tq for the tutorial, instead of going to the salon to curl hair for next function,I now can do it at home and save money.

    1. hehe yeah save a lot. sooner will do a hair curl tutorial :3

  6. You look amazing :) I'm following you now :)

  7. what a cute style! thanks for sharing. the last photo of you is also super cute!

    xx rae

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  8. oooh that's so cute". I prefere curl hair, that's very more beautiful !