Tuesday, May 5, 2009

pumpkin soup 南瓜湯

a teste of pumkin soup will make iu feel energy whole day~
pumpkin ,onion ,water ,milk,bread,butter,salt(to taste)

(1) use spoon to take off the seed n peeled it.

(1) 用湯匙把種子拿出然後去

(2) put the pumpkin into the oven, n oven for2 min.
*if iu not use Jepan pumpkin iu can skip this step

(3) cut the onion and pumpkin into piece.

(4) add the butter into the pan.
(4) 鍋子里把奶油加熱

(5) cook the onion until colourness(onion taste come out)
(5) 把洋蔥炒到變透明(洋蔥的甜味出來)

(6) put the pumpkin and water. cook until the pumpkin become soft.

(7) put the soup into food processor and processor it.
*the soup must under 40'c

(8) put the soup back to the pan.Add some milk and salt to cook it
*iu can put alot of milk if iu like,jz make ur own soup.

(9) if iu wan make some patten jz drop some
whipping cream at top of the soup and draw it.
make crouton~
cut the bread like the pic n gill it~
*iu can use white bread or whole wheat breaddepand on iu

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