Friday, May 15, 2009

happy birthday to baba and mama^^

happy birthday to baba and mama^^
love iu all so much~
the card i make myself (coz no time to prepare so got abit cacat la but them still like it)
*the flower gift by my sis~
at ere i wish them will happy forever
love each other forever
and stay last long forever and ever
(also for me and my baby j Xp haha)

today nth to do so translate some word to japanese
will iu all will enjoy it^^
(next time i will translate alot la)
  1. 私と結婚 marry me
  2. 私の夫あなたを愛している my husband,love iu
  3. 私はあなたの im yours
  4. 良いか悪いかどうかを私もあなたを愛し no matter is good or bad i still love you
  5. あなたは私の you are mine
  6. 僕はまだ君がブタの愛 i still love you pig
  7. 愛しています i love you

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