Wednesday, May 27, 2009

finish exam~

finish exam ady~
so what can i do in 2 week holiday?

tang tang tang tang~
the ans is ___________nth....T_T
(sot jor...maybe lo)

so today wake up early and upload my blog yeah ^^V

dono y those days feel like wan to shopping but no $$$ so how leh?
and mu mum always said with me
'go kitchen take a knife any patten you like it and go rob bank'
and i was feel like 'zha dou'
iu can see how swt is my mum...
continue about $$~~
dear birthday come....>.<, where i find money to buy present and celebrate with he...
who can tell me?
die now~

ok la wan go math tuition ady and go bank take $$ coz tomorrow go out with my gud gud frienz
"mei yian" haha next time intro her in my blog la

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