Monday, December 20, 2010

recently me

talked to MR T n it make me feel better nw...
i feel like i have to change my mind n style....
every ppl will change
tat is true
weither is gud or bad....
u still have to...
n thank to u let me knew tat...
i still have u all :)
i noe is quite hard to change
a style or mind tat i having nw
but i will try my best...
coz i noe tat i have to love myself more tat others
think bout myself more tat others

ok stop this...
yeah i buy a new fon :)
se T715
everybody told me tat
i will regret of broughting this fon
but i didn
coz i like it so much
treat it as a baby
coz this is the 1st time using my own money to brought my fon :)
kinda like it
n yet i wan a puppy so much~
n my frien frien give her puppy to other
so my frien n i decided to take a pregent toy poodle
happy happy happy
i can have my own puppy

n ya i think i have a right choice :)
n yes i wish tat u will treat her better tat me
tat is all i wan to tell u
thank for letting me love u
but it ady pasted
n yeah baby i love u so much ~

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