Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ellefar Daiso lip stick review

i dono y i like to buy lip stick at Daiso 
y huh?
maybe it low price that other brand and am so hard to find lip stick that suit me
so usually will buy some cheap wan and try 1st

pic without lip stick :p

character of the day :)

pic with lip stick + concealer + lip gloss
* you can see that it doesnt suit me at all coz am look darker in real life :( 
so sad
and yes camwhole time yeeee :D

love all my pic 
*clap clap*
okie back to topic

everybody know that it only cost you Rm5 
brought at Daiso
but make in Taiwan

kinda like the effect with concealer + lip gloss
but it doesnt suit me as well coz my skin is darker 
it will suit people that have brighten skin :)
so should try it!

it kinds good coz it cover your lip colour well
but too bad doesnt suit me at all 
* i think i should go for whitening :(*
and bad thing is it label the material that use in Japanese 
and i cnt read it!!! noooooo so sad T.T

will update more review soon :) 
 and yes who willing to tell & teach me how to get review 
i dono how to get review T.T
who kiund enuf to do that???
i will appreciate it so much~
since am so hard to get reader and follower. Will do 
Caro 1st ever lovely giveaway!
hope more ppl can enjoy it and like the giveaway chao~ 


  1. Hi, in actual fact the lipstick looks dazzling on your luscious lips. Amazing!!

  2. Soooo dolly like I love it! ♥

  3. haha where got la :) thank emy

  4. most desirable hey thanks sweety <3