Thursday, October 13, 2011

how to apply nail polish tutorial

since am lazy to do my work so post a post about nail tutorial :)
*shouldnt be lazy next time*
ok almost all of my nail polish are Eilanto Brand
but longer i use i hate this brand more 
coz some of the lighter color is hard to apply so thinking 
should i change all my nail polish to OPI ?
should I?
give some comment pls :)

started my tutorial ~

Eilanto brand peach colour

1. touch your brushes to the front for 1 time * harder *
2. next to the back for 1 time * lighter *
if you feel like it still too lots of nail polish at your brush touch it one more time to the back 

the amount you should have.

Next apply the the middle part of your nail 1st
after that to the left side of your nail 
or you can do your right side 1st 
depand of wish part you wanna apply 1st.

the result :)

so hope all of you enjoy it have fun with it 
will post more tutorial ~


  1. Are you able to afford OPI? Its roughly cost more than RM50 for one bottle, while Elianto only RM5? dont try to fit in the shoes that doesnt even suits your size, just my 2 cents of advice girl.

  2. hmmm i guess so but i saw lot of web sell 29++ olnly. so is that real or fake wan? :)

  3. I dont think OPI can be so cheap, where did you saw it? Forum?

  4. ya at on of the forum! them saying they stock is from oversea so will be cheaper! and i saw one of the Taiwan forum sell OPI 20-30 plus plus

  5. Oh. What forum is that? Some forum can be trusted, some cant be trusted though.

  6. did you heard JB talk before? ya i saw at theere :)

  7. I dont think I heard it before. What forum is that? and can I know where can you get your mask? I want to buy.

    this is one of the link :)
    you can go have a look~
    hmmm actually you can get it from me jz give me the mask code then i order from you~