Friday, October 14, 2011


hei reader, update myself with fashion 
hehe although it is kinda late to but this but hei i stop for 2 years to buy this 
n now finally im back to fashion~
haha hope i get do well ^^
hmmm i dono y my blog doesnt much ppl to read 
maybe i dont like to social?
or i dono how to talk well?
is kinda frustrated me so long!!!
oh god pls help me T.T

ok la trust myself i can make it :)
back to do my work now 
update soon ~


  1. I knowww how you feel it's just bloggers block haha! It's when we don't know what to talk about :( I'm sure you will dont worry! ♥

  2. haha actually am always like that :) i wont talk must when im not close with them, but after that yiu can see am talk damn lot~ like different ppl