Monday, October 10, 2011

Beauty diary limited edition Flower series review

The Mask :)
Sunflower flavour

Be4 applying 

RM13 Per package
* 3 in one Package *
RM6 Per Mask

is like putting sunflower tea at my face :D
love it coz it make me feel so refreshing 

It really comfortable to me. my skin is tat type that easy to get sensitive
after apply the mask it doesn't make me feel irritating!

Real or fake?
it a real mask from Taiwan :)
i didnt have fake wan so i cnt show you the differences

use for?
moisturising your skin 

actually is kinda good product.
coz it sell quite long but i dono y it become more n more expansive 
so feel like buy it?
feel free to go 

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