Monday, February 27, 2012

bag lover

sry for lag updated busy with my assignment and prepare for something new :)
bag lover you should check this out, 
is so cool to have all those bag 
but i know i cant have it all coz it cost me like a boom *sad face*

actually i love the 2nd last bag 
miu miu bag 
i love it so much because it simple and look cool to me 
prefer something simple and nice
okie which bag and what brand is ur favour bag?
going update a nail tutorial soon ~


  1. I love the #3 & white bag <3
    2nd last reminds me of my MIU MIU bag

    1. oh really i love miu miu bag so much T.T but it too expansive cnt afford it now

  2. The first one is so good for my evening function and that black and white tote for work. You are tempting me to get into retail therapy now this posting.

  3. i love the sweet-looking pinkish one! :) so pretty

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  4. fish if not mistaken that wan is LV kinda like it too