Monday, February 13, 2012

Suisse programme - smoothing lip scrub review

will like to share about this lip scrub that i get it free for lucky draw at sasa :)
it make in Switzerland  and it is a hydra solution smoothing lip scrub.
It enriches with botanical ingredients, smoothing ex-foliating lip treatment is formulated with unique Bio-mimetic peel complex to help keep your lips impeccably smooth and supple. 

brought at?
Sasa sunway pyramid


exfoliates dull,dry flaky skin for super soft, super smooth lips in seconds.

how to apply?
Rub a small amount on dry lips, massage it and remove with a tissue or washcolth.


actually what i try before this is body shop lips scrub, and this give me a different feel of it. It wont be too thick *i mean you cant feel the scrub on your lips* and it kinda easy to remove dry lip skin. The part that i like it most is, it dont have any smell of it.

so this is all for today 2moro is valentine so wish everyone have a great valentine and i wish i could get a rose too <3 *think too much -_-
Happy valentine days


  1. I do use the botanic eco moisturiser from the same brand and love it though a bit pricey. The product you have shared look like a great buy.

  2. ya is so pricy if not free i wnt buy it because cnt afford it