Tuesday, February 21, 2012

valentine dinner - the hill

sry for the late posting 
having my valentine dinner at the hill which at dono where
*cause am not the driver of the day Xp*
lazy to type here so here come pic :)

kinda like this place.. environment is good enough for couple
and and and i like the dessert so much yum yum :)
but it abit expansive..
anywhere hope every couple in the world sweet forever  ♥
hope i can find someone that can love me so much and tolerances me god bless~


  1. Happy Belated Valentine's Day. It's always good to pamper yourself once a while with a little expansive dinning or trip :)

    1. yeah is good to pamper myself with something good since no one pamper me :)

  2. Nice food venture and what more on Valentine's Day. Amazing feeling it must have been with great food.