Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lelan Vital Classic beauty Palette For lip and Eye review

another review for this week :)
Lelan Vital Classic beauty Palette For lip and Eye review

makeup below using this brand eye shadow and lip 

you can found this at Cosway 
i brought it at RM24 
the colour look great i mean for lip 
you know that is kind of hard for me to find some nice lips stick
so am kinda happy cause i found something that i can 
afford and nice 

have a nice day :3


  1. Nice and its reasonably priced. We have a cosway outlet very near my place and this is certainly worth the buy.

    Btw, you are looking stunning and love the posing with the pout.

  2. you look so  cute!! ^_^

  3. So sweet, dear!!!

    Have a lovely evening,


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