Sunday, June 2, 2013


hello everyone~
anywhere i know that it have been awhile 
*i mean 1 month*
i didnt post anything here
kinda hectic with all my stuff okie working on something big recently ~
kinda need long time to prepare
so back to topic 
how i wish to dye my hair to those colour but 
you know that it will be super weird if i do this in my country yet = =

so which colour do you like it?

picture not by me from google

P/s  here something i wish to discuss with all of you, should i combine this blog with what i working with or should i make it in a new blog. I dono what should i do for this... so wish that will get some nice advise =]

hope that you enjoy your weekend <3 p="">


  1. Glad to hear from you. Was wondering where you have been. I too been busy and took a break from blogging.

    The hairstyles are all trendy and stylish. I am thinking of having the bangs again after seeing the pictures.

  2. glad to hear that your back! I miss reading your posts QAQ

    i love the first and the last photo the most ^_^

  3. yes it's very important!

    the 5 picture is the more beautiful (for hair) :p

  4. Lovely! these pictures makes me want to change haircolor! ^^

  5. love all these hair styles great selection <3