Saturday, June 29, 2013

natural sky DREAM

just feel like posting some nice natural sky picture
 that i always share with my PICK friends 

when im frustrated sky will be the one who always clam me down ~
i love blue colour and i love how the sky look like...
simple yet nice~

is my job to make sure that im enjoy my life 
to get what i want
i know is nt much opportunity 

but i know this is nt the right time
to apply for it

at list not now

god always
love those who work so hard
to get something he/she want

no matter how hard it was i will try to get there 
the dream that im always dream of 
the air that i always wish to breath
the love that i wish to have 
because is my life


  1. I also admire the sky. You are right that the sky can be soothing and calming to our eyes and emotions. Beautiful shots Ms.

  2. Looks really awesome.