Monday, July 4, 2011

silky girl make up remover

since my post always about food food food
so decided to post some other stuff.
silky girl make up remover
full of vitamin E and the most important thing is
suitable for all skin

front view 

back view

color of the remover

make up 

after apply

ta ta ta ta ta...

14++ after discount

not like some remover, smelly likes medicine 
this remover smell a bit likes flower....
anywhere i like this smell :)

for who didnt use water proof make up it kinda good.
if water proof , u have to rub it hard then only can remover urs make up.

not really like this product coz  i using water proof eyeliner, mascara
and eye talk fake lashes glue.
kinda hard for me to remover my make up 
n yes i dont wan my dark circle become serious n serious
so have to buy one remover for eyes :)

mayb will upload some tutorial for hair or nail 
stay turn =)
by caro with love

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