Tuesday, July 19, 2011

diet plan

OMG!!! am become fatter n fatter... NOOOOOO it cannot be. from now on have to start diet * with serious face*  since ady mid of the month, decided to start next month when my class started. Xp lol~ *caro you are finding excuse for yourself* hmmmm.... maybe hehehe. already planned how my diet plan should be. so i may list out some at here.

1. NO maggie mee, mee, fried & jack food, last must be soft drink.( mayb this i y am become fat X.X)
2. No supper.
3. One week have to exercise 2 to 3 days. *am so lazy @.@*
4. Drink more water.
5. More vegetable less meat.
6. Massage :)
7. One week at least one time eat anything tat i wan so it wont make me craving of FOOD

tat all i can think. so i gave myself 5 month to become 47kg. hmmm izzit ok for me 47kg? if not mistaken am 160cm ++ izzit over thin or wat? hmmmm... * dont feel like thinking now = =* so what ever la at list i can wear M size bottom am satisfy ady :) so god help me pls..*pray hard*  ok have to stop now, stay turn for how am i keep my fat away from my body =)

by caro with love <3

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