Friday, July 8, 2011

samsung galaxy s & me

i found out that, actually my blog didnt have much pic of MINE 
y huh?
maybe i dont like to take pic of mine?
hmmmmm because am look bad without makeup?
or am always stay at home until become lazy to take pic ?
yes this is all the reason y my blog didnt have much pic of MINE T.T
* have more reason, but lazy to list out*
hmmmm so from now on have to try my best to take pic of mine
* with serious face*  

 show some pic of galaxy S

of course all of you might think that i changed a new phone
the fact is nop i didnt this is my bro new phone  
he kinda happy when he get his new phone 
galaxy still ok for me la. *but lagging sometime*
but my heart still with IPHONE
one day i will buy it :)

that all from today 
hope all of you have a nice day !!!

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