Wednesday, July 13, 2011

for those kind of friends.

dono y i kinda piss off now. what is friends? what friends stand for? i dono y some of those FRIENDS when come to money, become like this : I NOT REALLY CLOSE TO YOU SO BYE BYE FOR OUR FRIENDSHIP. when those kind of friend need some help hahaha, them will try to become close to you or even paying everything for u or even become like begger. helo!!! you though who are you? if you dont even try or want to cherish our friendship so y do i? y do i give a fuck? y do i have to give my heart out while all of you keep stepping on it? For some of you, i know, i know what the situation you having n facing n yet  am not blind. am not old enuf to letting myself blind. am so angry, so angry about you, if you got heart you can discuss with me our watever. or you may give wat i wan to me. but u didnt u cut down everything for me.Am suppose not angry or piss about it but i cnt stand for it any more. SO FUCK OFF for those kind of friends

P/s i miss my kampar friend n kl friend...  
if not am broke enuf i would like to go there n meet all of you 
with love from caro

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