Friday, March 2, 2012

nail tutorial & Laushine nail polish review

 sry for late update reader
haha kinda lazy to update.
what i wanna review 2day is laushine cracker nail polish,
yes 1st time try of cracker nail polish kinda happy with that - - *dono y*


Brought at?
web store ^^

what  i like?
It kinda smooth to apply & it cheaper that other brand cracker nail :)

what i dislike?
the colour kinda odd if you didnt apply top coat after you apply this cracker nail polish
you can see the pic below to see the differences

the nail of the day :)
* sry for the blur pic T.T *

 nth much comment about it but am those lazy type to apply top coat so i rate it 8/10.

okie new tutorial time 
today tutorial is about cracker nail polish too.
do you know that while you apply it in different way the out come will be different?
okie picture below show you the out come of apply the nail cracker in the different ways
*the arrow is the way you apply cracker nail polish.* 
you can apply whatever colour nail polish as the base before you apply cracker nail polish
different colour bring you different feel
depend on what colour you apply it :)
after finishing applying
 you can add on some diamond or 3D flower to bring out the feeling you wan
okie that all for 2day hope you enjoy it~
have a nice day


  1. I simply love the last sharing on how to get the different designs on top. I am not into polishing my nails but you bet I am gonna share this with my friends who will find it useful when the need to paint their nails. Thumbs up for this posting!!!!!

    1. thanks nava you make me wanna blog more :)