Friday, March 16, 2012

floral design shorts

today is all about short.
normally what we can found in mall will be like normal shorts
is kinda hard to find something more floral in Malaysia 
dono y here dont even have any shop that sell gyaru style 
*overall i cnt found it, if got tell me pls :)*
all people that get all the shirt that they wan at on9 stall
which is i cnt afford it as well :(
okie i will stop talking and show the picture that i got it on google

that is what i got it 
i love the blue and white colour wan it look kinda soft to me 
i kinda like floral stuff it look so so so adorable to me 
so did you like it?


  1. I like the skirt version and that will be great for me with a white blouse on top. I am sure you will look good with the many shorts as seen here.

    1. will post about dress version soon :) hehe but is hard to find here and it so expansive @.@

  2. so nice ! I love the penultimate!

  3. Floral shorts are so cute! I love the ones with white background and pink/red rose designs~ :)

    1. so cute right? if am rich i will get all of it :)