Sunday, March 4, 2012

gyaru fashion

actually i kinda like gyaru fashion is kinda cute though <3
every gurl like cute stuff right?
haha yes i guess so ~
* am the one who like cute cute stuff so much *
show some pic of it 1st

that all from me 
will try hard to blog more :)
and yes i think my blog is less of my pic and outfit 
sry guys will go shopping soon~


  1. Very cute fashion in deed but I have passed this age long time ago. However, I do admire my students and their cute dressing when they come to my class.

    1. but in malaysia ppl will said it like a sea food *i mean in chinese* so sad :(

  2. Gyaru fashion is really cute.~ It all depends on which sub style you go for though. I think the Liz Lisa floral prints are more for teenagers but I'd be shocked to see teenage girls dressing in agejo~

    1. ya i love liz lisa so much but it kinda hard to found it in Malaysia