Monday, March 5, 2012

ipad or Sumsung galaxy tab?

i wan either one of it so much~
because nowadays am so lazy to open my com just to update my blog or finding pic to draw
seem am really a lazy dumm nowadays :)
actually i got lot of reason to persuade myself to buy either one of it
-i can study with it
-i can play game
-can watch pps with it :)
-write note with it
& so so so on

my friend told me that samsung galaxy colour is better that ipad and maybe the price too
but for ipad it will have much more game that samsung since it is an apple product
which one should i choose to save money to buy it?
any idea?


  1. iPad got pretty limited function, might as well go with tab

  2. I am not sure on ipad because I am quite happy at this moment using my bb. Maybe you can get some more opinion before deciding on what to do.

  3. most samsung phones are problematic, including the one im using. and when i visit their service centre, the crowd is really huge, and you can imagine how bad the quality of their products

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    1. yeah my bro using samsung fon also, and he facing kinda lot of problem though, but some of my friend didnt have any problem i think depand on the luck that the fon you get.