Monday, March 12, 2012

nail tutorial : cute little pinky ribbon

 nail tutorial again :)
this time will be more pinky and cute *maybe it doesn't look cute i guess so Xp*
so you can try you self now

what you need will be :
-black colour acrylic
-OPI nail polish panda-monium pink
-Taisu gold polish 028
-Elianto hot pink colour nail polish

 1. First of all apply French nail by using OPI nail polish panda-monium pink.
 wait it dry for 5-10 min

2. Draw the the zebra spot *izzit correct* by using acrylic
*you can use the matter 1 or 2 do draw the zebra spot

 you can draw it with slice or horizontal

3. After that, apply the dot by using eliento hot pink

4. Wait for 5-10 min to wait it dry,then apply the black acrylic as well at the side as well.

5. Apply top coat to make it stay more longer and shining. Last apply the gold polish at where you wan it to be :)

p/s : Have to wait acrylic or nail polish half dry to start for next step, if not have to do it all over again.
that all for 2day hope you all enjoy it <3