Wednesday, December 15, 2010

last n for all

i use lyric to show out what i thinking nw....
last n for all tat u deserve....
i dono i can make it or not~
mayb i will miss u sometime but i wont tell it out any more coz
you are the one who broke my heart into pieces since tat i met u....

我看到了他的心 演的全是他和她的電影 他不愛我 儘管如此 他還是贏走了我的心
by muo wen wei他不爱我

为什么脆弱时候想你更多 如果你也听说 有没有想过我想普通交朋友
还是你依然会心疼我 好多好多的话想对你说 悬着一颗心没着落 要怎么附和 舍不得 又无可奈何 by 张惠妹 如果你也听说

我那躲也躲不掉的微妙伤口 隐隐作痛 你那戒也戒不掉的甜蜜借口也让我精神腐朽
by SHE 说你爱我

閉上眼我就忘了恨你的理由 想起那些溫柔....
今晚你想念的是不是我 想到愛到最後的最後 想要和你再牽一次手 除非我背叛我的靈魂 除非我可以假裝快樂 除非你忍心放我一個人 難過 一無所有 我的天空
by-A-lin 今晚你想念的是不是我
sry NENG i noe will make u feel hurt but i ady choose too long
long until i feel like give up...
can say tat mayb i still love u
i dono wat my heart thinking nw
n i dono wat i wan nw
i miss my way....
n the dicision tat i make nw
i give up
wan to be single more longer even i noe i need someone to take k bout me...
i wanna try to take k myself more offen...
love myself more tat others
so this is the dicision tat i make nw
i dono mayb i will change my mind after few min
or regret
wat to do?

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