Saturday, December 11, 2010

the last feeling

i will stop FB until i really can forgot u n he.....
but i will still uoloading my blog ~
dono when n why my blog my fb my life is all bout u
few week, i li noe u bout few week u ady change my whole life....

tear drop suddent
i should stop those....... not should is a must to do tat...
if not i hurting darn lot of ppls around me
im a sucker rite?

for u
telling the true i really not used to when u not with me
my heart broken again again n again....
i noe i have to move on,my mind told me tat my heart call me remain it....
kimmy rite
i shouldn think bout u,
shouldn noe more tat i cant accpt,
shouldn find u,
shouldn let u noe everythings....
a lot of shouldn
i have no reason to stay beside u
eventhough i keep finding...
stupid rite?
my mind jz keep reminding my heart
but i dono y my heart cant accpt it....
no reason y...

for he....
almost 3 years i did the same things every morning msg u when im wake up
going bak KL coz of missing u
like to buy stuff to u
a lot n lot...
too lot of memories we have
telling the true i shouldn give up.....
i trying to give u n me a change but
u dont wan it
u said i sympathy u...
telling the true i didnt...
n i dono y this morning i not really used to it....

early in the morning i woke up i though everything bak to previously
but no
wat i have been go through
is really too lot
n i have being such a fool..........

and for her....
sry.... wat can i said is sry
i shouldn noe about who u like
n i feel like im a bitch....
i hurt u darn much
i cnt control myself
sry for didnt give u any change to tell he how much tat u love he
even i noe u li 7 month but i noe u....

after gone through those stuff
i noe two gurl tat willing to listen wat i said, try to help me
make my day sunny....
ya both of u


pui pui

even noe both of u not tat longer
but i like both of u so much ~
hope im not the annoy one :)
love ya ❤

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