Tuesday, December 20, 2011

beauty credit green nail polish review

sry for delaying going out for some trip and now am back <3
yes this is my currently left hand nail :)

 Price ♥

What i like ♥
- the colour look soft, and easy to create cute style

What i dislike ♥
- hard to dry
- not that smooth to apply

6/10 love the colour but not that like the texture maybe am too noob for it

yes went movie with baby and we watched 2 movie in one day @.@ so damn crazy 
but anywhere kinda enjoy it~

story ♥
is about a nuclear war. IMF trying to stop this war and someone keep trying to interrupt them.

Rate ♥

story ♥
is about everybody celebrate new year eve and every single meaningful story about it.

rate ♥
10/10 is a damn meaningful story not everybody have the happy ending but life still go on.


  1. I like the soft and pastel green color but seems it took sometime to dry up but the outcome with the dots you have done looks really attractive.

  2. wow, can you show how to do the nail art?

  3. i will do it~ for the next few post :)