Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Japanese style

Actually i like japanese or gyaru style so much
it give you the feeling of cute, adorable, and even warm...
but my boy friend doesn't like it so i stopped this kind of style quite long 
until now, i only realise that fashion is not who like or dislike, is all about what you want and bring out the feeling of the clothes to other.
that why am tried to google about the newest fashion 
and those are the picture that i can found and i like it so much~
*maybe not that new la*

is all about floral~ 
and i love flower so much 
* a big smiling face*
For all the girl who like gyaru or read japan magazine, you may know about LIZ LISA 
is a brand that selling all the gyaru fashion 
*if you dont know about it you may google it as well* 
the sad thing is malaysia didnt have this kind of brand.
so most of the malaysia buy it at blogshop or even buy it from japan
and am not richest enough to buy it or travel to japan to buy it
since am came from a very poor family.
what i can do is google it ^^
so wish that i could get some one day
one day~ 

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