Friday, December 16, 2011

OPI nail polish Planks A Lot review

yes this is my currently *RIGHT hand* nail
yes this time i did different nail with both of my hand and 2moro i will post of my left hand nail
hehe :)

Price ♥
RM30 kinda cheap though

what i like ♥
- easy to apply
- texture kinda smooth
- dry faster :)

what i dislike ♥
- the smell * i think all of the nail polish smell is kinda same*

Brought from ♥
- website

true or false ♥
- i am not that sure but checked it is true
*if not tell me pls ^^*

Rate ♥
- 9/10 brought other brand too and you cn see the different, it good and easy to apply but the problem is kinda hard to apply some lighter colour like light pink, light purple... maybe is my problem so pai seh la = =||| that is all from me will do a tutorial post soon ♥


  1. Thats very nice looking nails but for me, I don't have the time to do that.

  2. Does the nail polish have the swirly feature?

  3. nava.k actually is kinda easy to do that :)

  4. miss A what mean by swirly feature?