Thursday, December 8, 2011

outfit 1,2,3

Since am too free here so decide to blog again ^^
yes is time for outfit 1,2,3
outfit 1,2,3 is about the ways to wear shirt :)
hope all of you like it
*sry for putting such a weird name @.@*
no idea what name should i put...
so 2day is about this 

1. with shorts :) 

2. Or you can wear with high weight shorts ^^  

other than that, you can add one scref to bring out different feel

3. with long pants  

after all my picture time ^^


  1. Ahhhhh Caro! I am loving the white top and high waist-ed shorts! YOU KNOW that is my favorite ♥

  2. hehe i know it :) quite hard to get the top from
    Malaysia. this is whaat my friend gave me <3