Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hair band tutorial

now you can enjoy to make your own flavour hair band :)

First of all you need :
- needle 
- string
- fabric that you like~
- wire * that easy to band

- First cut the length that you wan
-after that you can see the fabric with front and back part
sew the front part in side like picture :)

- Second sew the side part like the picture 
*sew one side 1st*

- Band the both side of wire become a circle 
* you wont get hurt by the wire while yoiu wear it ^^ *

- Turn the front part out and sew the only side part :) like the upper picture

- Tada finish :P

picture time <3

that is all from 2day hope all of youn enjoy it ~


  1. hello, saw ur post from innit and came to have a look.. just a suggestion, maybe you can write a more detailed description? =) do visit my blog back if you can.. thanks!

  2. Katherine hehe my eng is not that good so cnt write too much of description that i can :) but i will try my best in next tutorial post~ visited your blog <3