Sunday, January 1, 2012

DIY your own Glitter nail polish

yes 1st day of 2012 i will like to share a tutorial about DIY ur own glitter nail polish

Material you need:
- glitter flake

-transparent nail polish

-recycle paper or paper you dont wanna use anymore

1. cut the paper into square like the picture.
2.Put the Glitter flake*as you like* that you need in the middle of the paper.
3.flip the paper into triangle like the picture above and pour the glitter flake into the nail polish.
3.shake it 

that all ~

the outcome of the nail polish *1 layer*

and yes! you will see the glitter become like this when you pour the glitter inside the nail polish
no need scare izzit something happen to ur nail polish
all you have to do just shake it

the 3 colour that i have made :)

so that all about it~
hope you enjoy to make your own glitter nail polish 
and happy new year everyone!
wish that 2012 is a better year and success in everything that i wan to success~


  1. Nice glitter but I still prefer light colors.

  2. hehe :) but i like this colour so much ~