Friday, January 6, 2012

kiss me fake lashes No.11 review

RM20+ wont more that RM25 abit for got the price is around RM22 something :)

what i like?
- It kinda cheap
- Kinda easy to wear it
- It look really natural after you wear it

what i dislike?
- Is hard to make dolly eye effect with this lashes
- Lashes easy to change shape when you remove it

5/10 i will buy this because i didnt try this brand out before. I dont really like it because it hard to bring out dolly eye effect, if i want it to become dolly i have to add one more fake lash on it. since am so lazy so i just wear it like that hahaha :)
that all from me hope you guys enjoy it and have a great time!
is time to rush my assignment wish me luck k <3

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