Thursday, January 5, 2012

DIY Bracelet tutorial

what will you do with this when it turn out yellowish?

hmmmm what can i do?

yes today i will show you how to DIY it to make it look fashionable and new

1st what you need
-UHU glue

1. Apply the UHU glue on the Bracelet 

2. Stick the fabric on the Bracelet.

3. Round the fabric on the Bracelet *okie i dono how to said about this step*

4. stick the gold little ball *i dono what it call* on it

5. cut the lace that you need it.

6. stick it as well.

7. Round the small little gold around the bracelet, and cut the length you wan

8. Glue it as well.

9. Finally tada :)

i use the same mathod to this :)

pica time <3

tat all from 2day hope you guys enjoy it :)