Tuesday, January 31, 2012

revlon nail polish review

sry for letting my blog dead like nobody business and updated all my personal stuff...
okie review about revlon nail polish 
is kinda limited colour that you can found in Malaysia.
so this is the colour that i choose-------"red" 

-RM18 after discount

What i like?
-dry faster
-easy to apply

what i dislike?
-kinda easy to become thicker

8/10 this is the 2nd nail polish that i recommend. It cheaper that OPI and the thing that i like it most is, it states the ingredients that their using in the nail polish. *even though i cnt understand what is that but is good to show it out right?*  
okie cam time ;)

am kinda suffer nowadays,
i really dono how should i express it out, 
am so lost right now.... 
am so tried to keep thinking thinking and thinking 
every day wake up in a bad mood 
is so fuck up


  1. Sometimes I forget about brand and go for what makes me happy, so this red polish is such a stand out.

  2. hehe that y i buy this colour it make me look white nava k