Tuesday, January 10, 2012

high heel

i love all the shoe especially the white wan <3
i will buy it one days ~
actually i love to collect high heel all the well
and i dono y my heels will spoiled while i wear - -
it make me so sad about it
shoe is a important stuff to every single girl, different kind of shoe bring you different kind of style
wearing the same clothes but different shoe will bring you a different style
so hope you enjoy about it~

p/s: yesterday i still busy of making a video for you but last 
i ady give up in this, i dono y will this happen
if i can turn bak i wish that the 1st wan i met is YOU
if am didnt hurt by any single else mayb i can let it go easy
and i wish that am wont keep venting on you, not that care about you
didnt use ur $, at list i trust that this wont happen
if technology now really can remove the sad memories and replace it with good one i willing to be the white mouse I will choice to remove the memories from 4 years till now, or maybe even longer to take away my sadness and I wish that I never met love be4 at list i still can love someone with my whole heart.This time I will hide it in my heart, wnt let anyone knowing, see, and touch it any more this is what my brain told my heart
& i choice the same path bring it until the day i die


  1. Very nice with lovely patterns and colours but its too high for me, worried whether I can walk with these types of shoes.

  2. haha ya am mayb am okie with that :)