Sunday, April 1, 2012

i am not superwomen but a 20 year old gurl

i lost myself again...yes is again, how long more i have to go through this. it really kill me so god damn freaking well. i dont think so i still can keep it in my heart, keep everything well in my heart. It make me crazy really. i feel like wanna escape everything that i have gone through. escape to a place that nobody know me and started my whole new life, but financial does allow me to do that. Start from when i keep myself in my room? Start from when i keep on watch anime and reading novel? Start from when i keep on hiding every single feeling that i have? and start from when i become shopaholic? i could stop myself from all of this. One wrong decision bring me into hell, yes a decision that study this. It stress me a lot actually. non stop assignment, no day no life, and people around will only said that hey this is what designer should be"no life". Maybe i really dont like this sub or maybe the pressure that my family give, make me cnt even breathe. because of financial i make this decision, because of you i make this decision. 1st time ever i feel like escape from you, 1st time ever i feel like giving up the whole world, i am not super women that all of you though, i have feeling, i have heart and soul. i feel totally lonely, try to accept everything but is not that easy for me, for the person like me. This is not what i wan...and i will get what i one soon...keep in mind that my love will always be yours but surely i will keep this away from you, and bring it away to another place    

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  1. Hi,
    I think we all go through our share of stress and its also the same with you. Sometimes the stress can really get to us but then once we have done everything we need to, suppose we will have time in between to de-stress.