Tuesday, April 17, 2012

hello kitty sexy look mask review

i brought this mask on9 :)
i love it not only that the packaging is cute and it really work well 
usage of the mask is whitening, moistening and tighten your pore.

what i like?
the smell
the packaging 
the result of after using 

what i dislike?

i super like this mask and recommend to all of you 
is not that the mask giving the whitening result faster that other brand
it really moistening my skin very well since am always have dry skin.
definitely you skin will moistening well if you use one week once :)
that is all about 2day hope you like it   


  1. the mask package is soo cuteee!!

    check out my blog when u can! :D

  2. I don't need whitening because I'm already pale enough hahah, but I would love to try this mask out! Where did you get this from?