Friday, April 13, 2012

Mentholatum acnes medicated sealing jell review

Today will post about 
Mentholatum acnes medicated sealing jell review

It prevents acne formation, Suitable for oily and blemished skin, tightens pores, deeply cleanses and regulates skin condition.

it look like milky white :)

result :

okie i get it for free so i dono the how much it is and where got sell in Malaysia.
so i use it for 3 days, it still have a bit redness but you cant clearly see in picture
actually is kinda long by using 3 day and more to keep the pimple away from you.
If i use the product that usually i use it might take 2 days but the product is super expansive - -
okie back to topic,

the smell almost same as the Garnier brand pure blemish clear pen.

after apply to your skin it make you feel a bit cold.

It wont be sticky and absorb very well to you skin.

rate from me will be 5/10
i will prefer the product that i usually use that this. Among all is okie, if you really wan the result very well you might not choose this.
that is all from me hope you have a nice day sweety :3


  1. it's sure is nice product,,have you ever try OXY product..i hear a lot of good things about that product to remove pimple quickly.=^.^=

  2. Looks like a product which works for those with pimples. I get pimples once a while but they can be really huge and outstanding. Will check out this product when I need it for the once a while my big pimples.

    1. ya i always have that kind of pimple :(

  3. So how? I want to try

  4. Wht product did u usually use tht are super expensive?